Why Atlas is Different


Atlas' requirements for a wiretracing solution emerged from the concept to develop a tool that required no IT or software development support from the publication organization using the Atlas tools. This meant the tools needed to be adaptable,accurate and very user friendly Atlas has learned many lessons from its competitors, such as, the lack of workflow and document management, where literally organizations simply used excel and ad-hoc check lists to QA diagrams.  Atlas' tools employ document and workflow management as part of the package of its tool suite. The QA is machine assisted where all components and wires are monitored to insure labeling and typing are consisted across all diagrams. We automated the cross diagram linking of circuits that other organizations literally do manually! We also solved the problem as to how to manage applicability and provide a coherent navigation system across applicable systems and diagram versions, this includes differentiating applicable system versions. When all is done, its simply a matter of clicking a button to produce the S1000D wiring modules and a viewer with all the completed processed diagrams that can be installed on any Windows tablet or laptop.

Atlas Dynamics caters to its customers with the objective of easing their experience and improving their productivity. With that said;Atlas' product line is a reflection of a community. While other vendors simply consider features and either charge to customize their software, Atlas assesses the client's request on the basis of how their requests may improve the product line. Atlas appreciates its customer base input and strives to apply user hardening where problems arise because of mishap interactions. We don't blame our customers, we make our software smarter and prevent those kinds of problems from happening.

The Atlas IEWD publishing tool suite stands above its competition in automation, S1000D compliance and user adeptness.