WireTrace Studio

Wiretrace Studio is an authoring tool to build interactive schematic diagrams using WebCGM or CGM level 4 files. Wiretrace Studio publishes a deployable viewer, the P2pViewer, that allows for the ability to search 100s to 1000s of diagrams based on reference designators, component types, wires, signals, powers, grounds, and systems. Such search results allow technicians to find circuits, highlight them as well as color trace them across multiple diagrams. The P2pviewer can interface to any IETM where each send data to navigate to appropriate information within each, where the P2pViewer highlights the request on the CGM diagram. The P2pViewer can also reference other media, such as flash movies, pdf files, raster graphics and even 3D simulators. Wiretrace Studio can also build S1000D wiring modules from non-interactive legacy schematics!

The entire collective of information for an interactive tool can be managed through Wiretrace Studio without IT personnel. Wiretrace Studio supports Oracle, MS SQL, MySql. In fact Wiretrace Studio can port to any of the supported databases with just a click of a button.

Transform dull and static schematic diagrams into colorful, S1000D compliant, and interactive tools that improve proficiency, productivity and lower Mean Time To Repair of complex electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic system with Atlas' tool suite.


Wiretrace Studio is now hosted in a secure DoD compliant IT environment, Micorsoft's Azure Government. No more worries of hardware, networking or software DoD compliant IT requirements. Nor is there the need to worry about expanding hardware needs, as your project grows the cloud grows with it.

Here are a list of features:

Wiretrace Studio: