P2pViewer is the standard viewer for the CGM diagrams that the Atlas production tools produce. It is a troubleshooting and training tool. p2pViewer accesses a database or Xml document to allow for component, signal and wire searches. Once a component is found a user can select it and will be directed to the diagram that the component exists on and the component or wire will be highligted. The user can also access auxiliary data such as images, IETMs, parts lists, and even blogs. p2pViewer also has an optional simulation mode that allows users to interface with a simulation diagram of the circuit they are troubleshooting or training on. p2pViewer allows for diagrams to be marked up with notes and save those notes for future retrieval. p2pViewer can colorize power, signals and grounds on the fly and save the diagrams with such colorization. p2pViewer can also track the history of a users navigation of the diagrams.

Feature List: