Advantages and Features of the P2pViewer


1.      Indexed database of an entire system, be it electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic circuits.

2.      Fast searches of systems, subsystems, components, plugs, signals, powers and grounds that can be color traced entirely from beginning to end of a circuit across multiple diagrams.

      Every circuit is defined as a generic type such as a ground or signal that allows for quick identification through colorization of all circuits on a diagram.

4.      All auxiliary data is accessible from one interface, this can be images, animations, simulations, descriptive theories. This allows for maintainers to quickly identify the physical orientation of any diagram to the system that is being tested.

5.     P2pViewer can interface to other applications and freely exchange data between applications, such as IETMs.


6.      The tool shortens the learning curve for any technician or engineer to become familiar with systems, ultimately allowing for detailed analysis and evaluation of complex circuits.

7.      It allows for the ability to easily share marked up drawings and/or share access to the tool itself that accelerates collaborative efforts.

8.      Cognitive studies have demonstrated that colorization of a diagram allows the human eye to quickly differentiate details of a diagram.

Combing all these features of Atlas' schematic tool and any maintenance team will have improved performance that translates into drastically reduced MTTR. The improved MTTR performance can be as high as five to ten times because of the tool's information accessibility, physical orientation cues, colorizations of complex diagrams and cross diagram tracing abilities.